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You cannot claim to love without sacrifice: of self, of time, resources and skills for the good of others




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How do you remain calm when you are insulted?
How do you not retaliate when you are struck?
How do you serve those who are below you, in status?
The answer is humility, which can be gotten through the Holy Spirit.



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If we can attend job interviews, exams, parties, movies, without hesitation; why do we hesitate to attend things that glorify the God Who provided such opportunitiesattend

Getting rid of your old habits

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Even if your house is clean, but it is disorganized, it is assumed to be unclean.

Likewise, being a new creation, in Jesus Christ, requires getting rid of your old habits

old self

Past & Future

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The only way our past and future can be in sync is if we learn from our past and apply it in the future



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We were created to be at the service of each of other

A gift is to be given not kept and since God gave each of us gifts, we are to offer it for the good of others and not just for ourselves


When you are weak you are strong

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When you are weak you are strong

How can you be strong when you are weak?

Only when you stop depending on your strength and attach yourself to the source of your strength, The Holy Spirit

You are weak in the Physical but strong in the Spiritual

Strong Spiritually